What do you use in your water?

We get asked this question regularly, people want to know what our secret is to getting super clean windows. The answer? Well, to tell you a secret, the secret is not just what we use in our water.

But, it is a good place to start. Like many window cleaners, we use Morningfresh dishwashing liquid. Why? Have you seen how it makes your wine glasses sparkle? Well we’re looking for the same results on your windows. This particular diswashing liquid is fairly potent. Those of you who have developed dermatitis or the like from using it know what I mean (including my wife). It attacks oil and grease, among other substances that dirty up our windows. It also has a nice amount of “wetness” to it. In other words, the squeegee slides nice and easily over it.

On top of Morningfresh dishwashing liquid, we also use some other cleaning chemicals and compounds for tougher stains. For example, we carry acetone, orange cleaners, hydrochloric acid, and a hard water stain remover with us. However, these don’t get used often.

We said earlier that the Morningfresh is only part of the secret to clean windows. So what’s the rest? Find out soon.