Cleaning High Windows

Yes, we’ve all asked before, how do I clean my high windows? Should I spray them with the hose? Do I have to go grab an extension ladder? Cleaning high windows can be a pane in the glass, but let us help solve this issue.


First off, should we use a hose connected to tap water? No, a thousand times no! As discussed in the Window Cleaning page, we should never leave plain old tap water on the windows, it will damage them. No spraying down the windows.

So, do we have to use a ladder and squeegee then? The traditional method for clean windows, using an applicator and squeegee, is a time tested and proven way of producing great looking windows. However, when used in conjunction with a ladder, this isn’t always the safest method. Water and a ladder don’t mix, and sometimes our windows are even too high for a ladder.

How Do We Do It?

So does that mean we just have to leave these windows dirty? Not at all. There are in fact two fantastic ways to achieve clean windows on even 3 storey windows. The first, involves the time tested method of applicator and squeegee, together with a pole. Simple concept, yet it can be quite challenging in reality. The window cleaning technique needs to be down pat, and to tell the truth, using the pole we need a slightly different cleaning technique, which can be a hard one to master. Yet, the humble pole is our best friend in these circumstances.

Window Cleaning - Up to 3 storeys
Window Cleaning – Up to 3 storeys

A second option, and by far the most effective option, still involves a pole. However, this is a water-fed pole. Basically, we feed some tubing from the garden tap all the way up the pole to a brush at the head, using this to scrub the windows, no squeegee required. But wait, didn’t we say before never to leave tap water on windows? That’s right, and that’s why we need to make several adjustments. First we grab a water purification kit. This takes all the contaminants out of the running water on the spot. Second, we can add a cleaning solution to the running water. We scrub with the cleaning solution and water, then, changing over to straight pure water, we rinse the windows off, removing all contaminants from the pane of glass and drying spot-free, squeegee free. How good is that.

Both of these effective options can be something you try at home. Be warned though, there are catches. One, your cleaning technique must be absolutely perfect. Second, a good pole (for 2 storey windows or higher) and a water purifying kit require a large outlay of money. Bringing us to our final recommendation. You now know how we achieve our fantastic results on your windows, so leave it to Classy Glass Illawarra. We’ll have your windows looking brand new in no time!

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