Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning - Up to 3 storeys
Up to 3 storeys

Would you like your windows looking clean and sparkly in no time? Do you have high windows that you just can’t reach? Call the window cleaning experts today at Classy Glass Illawarra, and we’ll have your windows looking beautiful quicker than you can say “Wow their amazing!”.

At Classy Glass Illawarra, we clean commercial and domestic properties, at a height of up to and including 2 stories from a stable platform. Utilising the cutting edge of window maintenance techniques and compounds, this team of professionals are here to give you a better view.

We are fully insured, giving you peace of mind knowing your property and possessions are safe at all times. Call us today for a complimentary obligation free quote on 0488 003 974.


Window Cleaning – Common Mistakes

Windows quickly build up dirt, salt, calcium, and other minerals. While hosing off a window may make the window appear clean, doing so causes more damage then we realise.

All water that we obtain has contaminants. Water supplied through your plumbing is full of all kinds of minerals and deposits. To see this in action, when you clean your car, if you do not chamois off your windows have you noticed the spots that appear? This is the residue left behind from the contaminants in the water. In fact, water supplied in the Illawarra in some locations contains particles numbering at least 80 ppm (parts per million). This may not sound like a lot, but it is enough to damage your windows. How?

All types of windows
All types of windows

As different minerals are deposited on your windows, they form a bond with the glass surface. At first, they simply appear a little dirty. Over time, these mineral deposits attract and accumulate, leaving larger deposits on your windows. Here’s the nasty bit… these minerals begin to etch into your glass. Now, instead of being a deposit “on” the glass, they have now broken the surface of the glass, like a scratch does. Once the etch is deep enough, no amount of window cleaning will get your windows looking good. Time for a window repair job, which can cost as much as $100/hr, or maybe even a brand new pane of glass. Either way, the result is that a simple spray of the windows with tap water can end up costing you hundreds of $$$. So how do we fix the situation?

Firstly, no more simply spraying the windows with tap or tank water. Lets stop causing more damage straight away. Secondly, call us. While we do not repair glass, we use specialised tools and compounds to bring your windows back to their original shine. If your windows can be returned to their original condition without a repair job, we’ll be able to do it for you. As long as the minerals have not corroded the glass too deeply, we can get your windows looking good again. Hard water stains? No problems.

Call the team at Classy Glass Illawarra today, and enjoy cleaner living.