Why Clean Solar Panels

“There’s no point having my solar panels cleaned, the cost outweighs what I save in money!” If you are thinking something similar, you won’t be the first person to express that to me. Is it really true though? What benefits are there to cleaning your solar panels?

Cost Benefits

One of the major reasons most of us decided to purchase solar panels is to save ourselves money. And, for some of the fortunate few, we might even make a few bob, selling electricity back to the grid. Therefore, money making potential is paramount in deciding whether we should have our solar panels maintained. So what really is the cost benefit?

Studies have been conducted to find out. Like most of us, even the producers of the solar panels are entirely sure. However, the results of these studies have been very interesting. One study, published in 2011, attempted to establish the effect a simple layer of dust could have on the efficiency of a solar panel. Note the findings: “It was found from the study that the accumulated dust on the surface of photovoltaic solar panel can reduce the system’s efficiency by up to 50%.”


50%, that’s ridiculous! Let’s put this in real terms. Let’s say you have a 5KW (kilowatt) system installed, that is supposed to be generating you about $500 of electricity per quarter, or $2,000 a year. Taking into account the results from this study that would mean your system would only be generating $1,000 of electricity a year, taking a whopping $1,000 out of your budget. However, to clean this system can cost as little as $200, thereby saving you $800. Worth it?

Solar Panel Systems
Solar Panel Systems

But is 50% really accurate? In some places, with low or patchy rainfall, yes it is. In fact, if you live anywhere near some steelworks or the like, you will likely face a similar issue from the pollution generated. And by near we mean anywhere where you may hear about a steelworks. If you live near the ocean, salt build-up can have a similar effect. If you have trees near your house, or birds that fly over, or if any of your neighbours have a chimney, you will be experiencing reduced efficiency on your solar panels. Does that include you?

But are there any other reasons to have your solar panels maintained?

Maintenance schedule – The Big Benefits

Do you know if your solar panels are working properly? Are they generating maximum electricity? How do you know? You may have read the output information on the invertor, or checked your last electricity bill. But was there a section on either of these stating that your solar panels are working as efficiently as they can?

The sad truth is that few of us really know what kind of outputs our system should be generating. We simply may not know how to check it accurately. A whole line of panels may be out, and we just don’t know. How do you find out? We include a quality and efficiency inspection in our “maintenance” schedule. Notice, your not just asking us to give your panels a clean. We are helping maintain them for you. Why? They are a valuable asset. They generate income. Why wouldn’t you want them maintained.

How long is your system designed to last? You likely know that the warranty period on a solar panel system is 25 years. In other words, your manufacturer guarantees that, in 99% of cases, your panels should still be putting out at least 80% of their original power generating capability after this time period. That is, however, unless you do not maintain them.

What? “Does that mean my warranty is void if I don’t maintain my solar panel system?” That’s the right question to be asking, and while your at it, why don’t you go ahead and ask your solar panel provider if that is the case.

Think about what this also means. The manufacturer also knows your solar panels should be maintained to ensure their longevity, that they last as long as possible for you. That’s what we add. We add long-term value to your assets. Liken it to your car. Would you go perhaps 6 months without changing the oil? Maybe a year? Maybe 2 or 3 years? Never… your car is too valuable. How about your solar panels?

Why maintain solar panels?

Simply put…

Maintaining your solar panel system makes them work more efficiently, saving you money now.

Maintaining your solar panel system ensures it is always working, and to it’s full potential.

And finally, maintaining your solar panel system ensures that you will still be saving yourself money in years to come.

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